Privacy Policy

Please be aware we collect certain data from you to meet mandatory requirements regarding medical notes. There is a legal requirement to meet medical notes for a period of time after treatment. This can vary in length depending on your age and ability to consent but will be for a minimum of 7 years. Your details will be destroyed after this period. Please note if you do not consent, we will be unable to carry out any assessment or treatment.

There may be occasions where we may want to share information with your General Practitioner but this will only be done with your permission.

We also collect data to assist in the administration of our business to provide you with an efficient service. We would like to use your contact details to assist with the administration of your appointments/changes to scheduled appointments and/or reminders about appointments. To further enhance our service to you, we would like to be able to update you in any information regarding the practice.

We take your privacy seriously and will take all reasonable steps to ensure the protection of your data. Please note that your right to be forgotten cannot override the legal requirement to keep medical notes for the mandatory period. You can request a copy of any data held on you by asking.